Maximize Your Exploration Through Stability And Care - Tips For UTV Trailer Maintenance

The rugged landscapes of America that have previously been difficult to access can now be explored thanks to the explosion of the availability of utility task vehicles, or UTVs. These rugged, four-wheeled tools are great for allowing you to have thrilling rides through spots you may never have seen before, but the task of transporting them to remote areas can remain a challenge.

A reliable UTV trailer is an important investment, but it requires care and upkeep to make sure it can continue to stay up to the task. Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for maintaining your UTV trailer that should allow your vehicle to remain secure and your desire to explore to remain satisfied.

Load Pin Inspection

As opposed to standard vehicle trailers which load solely from the rear, your UTV trailer is likely to have multiple points of access. Many trailers allow your UTV to be driven up from either side as well, creating maximum flexibility in what's often a difficult landscape.

Since there are multiple points of access, however, there are also multiple areas for potential structural problems. The locking pins which hold the rails of the trailer and the ramps in place are often at risk of becoming damaged or misplaced, creating the potential for trailer damage or even vehicle damage. Make sure to inspect them regularly for rust or other wear.

Tire Care

Your UTV is designed to handle difficult roads and rugged terrain, and its tires are designed accordingly. Your trailer, however, is unlikely to have been designed with the same specifications, leaving it vulnerable to picking up damage along those rocky roads.

You should also keep in mind that the UTV itself is a heavy piece of equipment with the potential of putting asymmetric stress on individual trailer tires. Regular inspection of tire tread and balance on your trailer tires is a key part of making sure you're not stuck with a flat tire and a difficult repair.

Breakaway Electronics

The connection of your trailer to your towing vehicle's hitch is perhaps the single most at-risk part of your UTV trailer. The difficult jostling, constant movement, and potential for damage can create faults in electronics that may cause the trailer's lights to fail and risk a dangerous situation on the road. Every time you hook up your trailer, make sure to thoroughly test the brake lights before you take a damaged trailer on the road and create a new hazard.

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