5 Reasons To Consider A Pickup Truck Over A Car

If the time has come for you to purchase a new personal automobile, you may be having trouble deciding what kind of vehicle you'd like to have. Naturally, that decision will depend on several factors, such as weather conditions where you live, what the primary use of the vehicle will be, and your own personal preference. You may even be thinking about getting a truck for the first time rather than a car. Although owing a truck may not be for everyone, there are many advantages to going this route.

Following are five reasons you should consider buying a pickup truck instead of a car.

You Enjoy Wilderness Adventures 

If you go fishing, hunting, camping or otherwise enjoy going on wilderness adventures as often as you can, a truck is probably a much better alternative than a typical car. Trucks are built to handle challenging terrain in ways that the majority of cars simply can't. Today's trucks are also designed to carry items such as mountain bikes, fishing tackle, camping gear, and other outdoor recreation essentials, and if you get a double-cab truck, you be able to carry friends and family members as well. 

You'd Love to Earn Extra Money

If you're like many people, you've found yourself tempted by the idea of earning extra money hiring out to one of the ride services that have popped up all over the country in recent years, such as Uber or Lyft, but can't quite see yourself driving people around. With a truck, you can earn extra money on weekends by advertising brush-hauling services and helping people with minor moves. 

You Move a Lot

Perhaps you work for a company with a presence in many different parts of the country, or maybe you haven't found your sweet spot yet and want to do some moving around before you settle down. Whatever the cause, if you're still at a place in your life and career where you relocate often, having a truck will make the process of moving much easier. Unless you have a good deal of heavy furniture, you should be able to carry your household belongings in your truck, avoiding the hassle and expense of hiring a moving company. Putting a lockable camper shell over the truck bed will help circumvent theft while you're on the road to your next location. 

You Want an Extra Layer of Safety 

Because trucks are both heavier and higher than cars,  they fare far better in safety ratings — particularly in frontal collisions, which is the deadliest kind of vehicular accident. If you live in an area where wildlife is a concern on the roads, you'll be much safe in a truck in the event that you hit a deer, moose, or other large mammal while driving. Not only will you have the weight of the truck on your side, but it'll also be high enough that most animals won't slide along the hood and into the windshield. As an added bonus, the higher vantage point you'll gain while driving a truck gives drivers a better overall view of traffic conditions. 

You Want to Drive an American Cultural Icon

Face it — few personal vehicle purchases are made on a purely practical basis. Although it's certainly wise to take factors such as safety and practicality into consideration when making a decision on what to drive, it may also be important to you that you feel good about driving. The pickup truck is a quintessential American icon, conjuring up visions of wide-open spaces, solid, well-kept farmhouses surrounded by mature trees and velvety soft lawns, and other classic American scenes. 

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