Major Tips To Help You Negotiate Your Next Car Purchase

Buying a car is always a daunting task because you never know whether you will get a great deal or not. However, you can greatly enhance your prospects of getting a bargain if you know what to do. The following are some of the tips you can use to help you during the negotiations.

Do Your Homework

You won't get anywhere with your negotiation tactics if the dealer cannot give you what you are asking for. The only way to know what the dealer can or cannot do is to do your research before going to the dealership. Your research should focus on things like:

  • The pros and cons of the car
  • Incentives that come with the car
  • How much the car is worth
  • How much the dealer paid for the car

Leverage on this information once you get to the dealership. For example, if you are buying a used car with a reputation of sensor failures, throw that in your negotiations with the dealer so that they know you know your stuff.

Mask Your Excitement

As much as you may be excited about buying a new car, don't let the dealer see your excitement. Even if you have promised yourself not to walk out of the dealership without a car, keep the promise to yourself. Avoid anything that might make the dealer know that you are more likely than not to buy their product. Otherwise, the dealer will not be willing to make concessions during the negotiations.

Look Beyond the Price

Many people focus on the purchase price when they negotiate a car purchase, but that approach is incorrect. Rather, you should negotiate on all the details, which include the following.


The add-ons are the accessories and services beyond the standard offers that come with the car. Examples of add-ons include extended warranties, floor mats, fuel, and safety installations, among others. You can negotiate the prices of these add-ons as well as the add-ons to include and exclude.


If you are getting finance from the dealership, negotiate on the rate because it is negotiable. Besides, you can always walk away and get your financing elsewhere. No rule says you must get your car finance by the same dealer who sells you the car.

Hopefully, you will get a great deal the next time you buy a car. Don't forget to buy the car from a reputable dealership with used cars for sale like used Nissan Altimas for sale that will stand by you in case something goes wrong after the purchase.

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