Ready To Start A Shuttle Tour And Event Service? Start By Finding A Used Bus For Sale

If you have been looking at getting a vehicle large enough to drive large groups of people around, but you aren't sure where to start to get a business going, you need to start with getting the bus. Used buses are easy to find, you will have to decide what size you want, and what you think you'll feel comfortable driving. Follow these steps to move forward with setting up the business.

Get a Used Bus

You want to get a bus that will seat large groups of people. Check out the interior condition of the bus, because you may not want to spend money to reupholster the seats. Painting the inside of the bus is something that can done easily.

Find an Auto Body and Paint Shop

Once you have purchased a bus, you want to have it painted to show your company emblem or design. You may also want to go for something that is subtle and attractive. This will give the bus a fresh new look, and it will help you have a better shuttle ride and product to offer potential clients.

Get the Proper License

Check with your state DMV to see what type of license you need to drive a shuttle bus and allow people to have alcoholic beverages on the bus if you want. This may require you to not only take a written test, but to also pass a driving test with the bus as well.

Work with Local Bars

Find local bars that you can set up a tour with. They will want you to bring people into their bars for service, so they may give you a kick back or free advertisement opportunities for your shuttle service. They may request that you try to bring guests at different times. You can offer different tours as well if people want to go places spaced farther apart.

You can launch your business on social media and start advertising at local bars, breweries, and restaurants in the area. Offer some discounted services at first, and call around to other shuttles to see what they charge, and then you can make sure that your prices are competitive. With cell phones and social media it's easy for people to get a hold of you to book your trip, for them to pay you online, and for you to start a business like this that can be very profitable.

If you're thinking about setting up this type of business, check out some used buses for sale today!

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