Valuable Features That A Passenger Van Offers As A Hotel Shuttle

If you're opening a hotel and you want to offer shuttle service to your guests, you'll want to buy one or more vehicles to use in this capacity. It's important to visit a local vehicle dealership to assess what vehicles will be appropriate. While a minivan can be a good choice to some degree, many vehicle dealerships also have a selection of commercial vehicles that are worth evaluating. One option that you'll find is a passenger van, which generally comes in a few different configurations. Here are some valuable features that a passenger van can offer as a hotel shuttle.

Lots Of Seating

Perhaps the biggest asset that a passenger van provides when you wish to use it as a hotel shuttle is its large amount of seating. Have a salesperson show you the different models of passenger vans so that you can choose a model with the amount of seating that you want. For example, you might favor a vehicle that has eight seats. The abundance of seating will be valuable for transporting large families to the airport, groups of business travelers to local conference centers, and more. The more seats that a van has, the fewer trips that your drivers will need to take between the hotel and your guests' destinations.

Storage Space

Another valuable feature that passenger vans can offer is lots of storage space. If your hotel is situated remotely near an airport, you can expect that lots of the guests who use the shuttle will be traveling to or from the airport — and this means that they'll be carrying luggage with them. A family of four or five people can reasonably be carrying four or five large suitcases and several smaller pieces of luggage, so you need a vehicle that can carry the people and their luggage comfortably. Cargo fans typically offer large amounts of storage space at the back to accommodate this luggage.

Stylish Interior

Transporting your guests in style is important, especially if your hotel is upscale. When you browse the commercial passenger vans at a local dealership, you'll notice that they have stylish interiors. For example, many vans have leather seats, as well as other upscale features that your passengers can enjoy. This is especially important if you expect to have a lot of business travelers at your hotel. Visit a local nissan dealership to learn more about its vehicles, including its commercial passenger vans.

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