Why You Might Want to Opt for Used Over New

If there is a need for another car in your household, or it's time to replace the one you have now, then your first choice is to buy new or buy used. It's important to note that buying used doesn't mean that you have to buy an old car with a lot of miles on it, it simply means that you are buying a car that has had at least one previous owner, or has been leased or rented which put some usage and miles on it. Here are some positive things about going with a used car: 

1. Avoid that big initial depreciation

When you buy a new car, there will be a steep drop in the value of that car during that first year. In fact, cars can depreciate by as much as 11% the moment the new owner leaves the lot in them and up to 25% a year for the first 5 years. Taking this information into consideration, you can see how purchasing a car that's closer to that 5-year mark can allow you to get into a car for a better price and not needing to worry about losing a large sum on the depreciation. 

2. Get a great car for a price that you can afford

When you purchase a car, one of the major determining factors that come into play when it comes to the car you drive home will be the price. For some people, the only option financially is a used vehicle. However, even if you have the option of new or used, there is no reason why you should spend more than you have to for a car that you will be happy with. By getting a used car that is just a year or so old, you can still get a newer model car with low miles and many of the newer features you want in a car. However, you will be able to get it for a price that's a lot friendlier for your bank account. 

3. Save on the registration fees

The annual registration fees for a car will go down as the car gets older. In many cases, the first few years after a car is manufactured will be the most expensive years when it comes to the registration fees. So, this means that you will save on registration fees just by purchasing a car that is a few years older and you will continue to save even more as time goes on.

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